At the time Paulig launched their first capsule coffee machine the market situation was challenging, the biggest competitor had a market share of about 70%. Finland is the biggest coffee consumer in the world per capita, and Paulig had ambitious plans to become the market leader and to bring the capsule coffee culture to the Finnish market.

OFRD has worked with Paulig Cupsolo since its launch. We took the challenge and were responsible for arranging all sales promotions in Finland, from concept, retail store communication to materials and logistics. Thousands of hours spent with consumers in retail stores, department stores, exhibitions and on the streets. We encounter with potential buyers and sell the capsule coffeemaker directly or lead them to other sales channels,

Besides all other marketing, Paulig has a strong input on promotions; active presence among consumers and above all, active promotional sales made Paulig the market leader in capsule coffee makers in Finland. According to the retailers, our sales promotions have influenced sales positively on the day of the promotion and a few days after it.

Said about us:
”I have never seen anywhere in Europe such action what OFRD did at the fair. Even our foreign clients were absolutely blown away.”
         - Expert CEO

”The promoters were fantastic! I have never before stumbled upon promoters that actually managed to stop the consumers and sell them a fairly valuable device!”
          - Prisma household electronics buyer


    Thousands of capsule coffeemakers sold through our hands, Paulig Cupsolo’s rise to market leader position. 


    Hundreds of thousands of consumers encountered and activated towards purchasing. 

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SodaStream consumer home carbonation products have increased their popularity all over the world. In Finland, SodaStream can be combined to the purest tab water on earth, and save the nature meanwhile. 

We have executed thousands of hours of sales promotions, all concentrating on concrete sales and product presentation to the consumers. We’ve been responsible for concept planning of shopping center tours to logistics and different exhibition and trade executions. While the number of flavors increases and the product develops, we offer a direct contact to the consumers and a way to gather real face-to-face feedback. All feedback gathered is brought to the client for further use.


    Thousands of SodaStreams sold. Shopping center concept has increased retailers sales 297%.


    Hundreds of thousands of consumers encountered and activated towards purchasing. Our direct sales in single events has guaranteed thousands of euros in extra sales for our client.

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SIWA has been reshaping existing stores and opening new stores all over Finland and OFRD has been responsible for planning concept and execution of new store launch promotions. Consumers in store surrounding areas have been greeted with SIWA products. The promotions have resulted in direct increase of store customers. 

PINS customer loyalty program launch was one of the biggest campaigns executed in Finland, visible all over TV, Internet, streets and retails stores. OFRD jointly planned activations on the streets and retail stores. We have also created the concept for shopping centers and executed all promotions and consumer activations. The goal has been set to increasing the number of members significantly. 


    Thousands of consumers living in store surroundings greeted, increase in number of customers.


    Thousands of new members to PINS program.

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OnePiece contacted us about a concept that could be used both on tour in Lapland and during summer festivals. The concept had to include something stunning, something that attracts a crowd. We designed a ride for OnePiece that would work as a centerpiece on the consumer activation tour and as a place to sell OnePiece products.

We found the perfect ride from Northern Finland, a fire truck from 1966. The truck was everything that OnePiece thought it would be, but of course it needed some pimping before it was ready for the streets. OFRD designed decals, setup for the tour and fixed the truck in cooperation with our partners. We set up a pretty massive DJ set in the truck among other equipment; enough electricity for all machines, an exhaust pipe with a nice low sound from the V8 and other fancy accessories, including pop up store availability. 

The truck was used in the grand opening of the new store in Helsinki and even the Dudesons got a ride. After touring in Finland, the truck has visited several countries in Europe, Sweden, Great Britain and Germany among others. The V8 still runs and gathers consumer looks in events and festivals.


    Tens of thousands of consumers encounters. 


    A concept for use in several events and exhibitions across Europe.

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